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Personnel search and recruitment for companies and candidates

The methods and channels for finding new employees have changed significantly over the last few years. Finding good employees has never been easy, but now it is made even more difficult by the fragmented information fields of target groups and technical innovation. HR factory will help your company choose the right recruitment method in order to reach the right target groups and create appealing job offers.


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Market Research

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Talent identification and profiling

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(Telephone) interview & consulting

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Hiring & project start

Stop searching,
start smiling.

Public search works well for filling popular positions as it requires initiative from candidates themselves and expects them to be motivated to get the particular job. We will publish the job offer on job seekers’ portals and spread it through other recruitment channels.

We will also do all necessary sourcing which includes database and social media searches, gathering of information by phone and through social media, personal communication, and collection of recommendations. In addition, we will take care of the pre-selection of candidates and all application rounds preceding the job interview, thus presenting you with only the very best candidates who have made it to the final round.

We will not only get but also stay in touch with discovered talents so that they could be easily reached when needed.


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Orientation interview

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(Telephone) interview

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Project completion & Onboarding

We are here to find your dream job

Looking for new challenges on your professional path? By finding out your professional expectations, we will find the best solution for your professional future.

We will maintain constant communication, and ensure a smooth job search process.

We are a strong strategic partner

Good HR management starts with a strategic plan.

During our 19 years in business, we have helped many companies with various HR-related challenges, shaping ourselves into a strong strategic partner who knows the characteristics and the current opportunities of the ever-changing job market.

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