Active Candidate Sourcing

Active candidate sourcing

If you want to fill a more demanding position, your primary tool should be on headhunting – this requires the recruiter to be initiative. The purpose of headhunting is to find the most suitable candidates for a specific job offer, analyse their background and job-related skills, and determine their willingness to accept the job offer.

IT Recruitment Process

Each new IT recruitment starts with a position and the analysis of it’s requirements. During the consultation, we discuss what kind of person you are looking for, what your team needs and provide consulting about the current market, salaries, and expectations of the candidates.

Most potential IT professionals do not use the job search portal, so before making a selection, we develop a strategy for where and how we can find the right candidates faster and more efficiently.

HR factory selection specialists, having a wide range of candidate searches and constantly raising their competencies in IT knowledge, are able to see and evaluate the appropriate technical and personal characteristics of the candidate and decide after the meeting whether it is worth sharing the candidate’s candidacy.

We always try to focus on quality, not quantity. We do not present 10 mediocre candidates, but rather 2 or 3 that meet the company’s culture, values, and requirements. We keep in touch with the candidate and the client throughout the selection process. We can help by arranging an interview, conduct an interview with the supervisor, provide advice, and of course pass on feedback to both the candidate and the company about the interview. We never forget our candidates. When the candidate starts in his new position, we check in to make sure everything is going as expected and ask for feedback. If the feedback is negative, we try to go back to the existing manager and resolve the issues together.

Business Recruitment

For an organization to be successful, it is necessary to have qualified and reliable employees who work together to achieve common goals. The trend of recent years is that highly qualified and competent employees rarely look for a job and even less often look for offers on job advertisement search portals. The best professionals are looking for employers who know what they expect from the employee, have anticipated an employee’s career growth path. With this in mind, we pay close attention to the search, recruitment, and selection of highly qualified professionals, middle managers, and C-level managers. We have the most experience in finding:

  • Administration and Finance professionals,
  • Marketing,
  • Staff,
  • Sales,
  • Legal professionals.

The arrival of new investors in Lithuania has increased the need for Fintech specialists. With this in mind, we are constantly expanding the database of candidates. Furthermore, we are constantly responding to the changing market trends and the need for companies to have a Business Specialist with IT knowledge or experience. Because this market need is fairly recent, we strive to build a long-term working relationship with the strongest candidates. Our partners value us for our ability to adapt to a constantly changing market, the number of candidates in the selection process and their level of competence and effective communication.

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