Every company’s staff is unique with its ups and downs. This is why HR factory offers consultations where we analyse the company and find out whether the chosen methods of work are in line with your company goals.

Employee evaluation helps to develop successful leaders, improve teamwork, and defines the training needs of employees. We will help your company understand whether a person in the middle of a recruitment process will fit into the team or how to restructure your company. We use the ProfileXT profile analysis system for evaluation. The system enables us to evaluate people objectively and to detect professional abilities and behavioural patterns. For this, a person must pass an online test which allows us to graphically compare the person’s abilities with the profile of their potential job. Read more about Profiles International evaluation tools here.

Employee evaluation

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Outplacement consultations

Outplacement is a procedure that entails many risks. For this process to be as smooth as possible, we will advise the management and help with career counselling for the outplaced person. We will support the leaving employee in further career planning, job search portal usage and the preparing of their recruitment documents. We will also provide them consultation about the employment market and conduct job application trainings.

From time to time, every organisation needs a professional, impartial opinion that will help them understand whether their recruitment process is effective, whether the tools and resources used are feasible, and whether their HR documentation process is organised correctly. HR factory will analyse your HR processes and documents to find the bottlenecks so we can make your workflow more efficient.

HR audit

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Well-organised reporting ensures that you will always have a good overview of your company’s staff and you can access the necessary information quickly and easily. We will create a working system of reporting for your company that is easy to manage and develop.

Employer branding is important for recruiting and plays a role in motivating current employees. We will help you create templates for recruitment adverts and develop the interview process. We will also ask your current employees to describe what they feel is necessary for increased employee satisfaction.

Employer branding

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Employee satisfaction survey

We think we know our employees well, but there will most certainly be some ideas that are not discussed in public. Our satisfaction survey will help bring out any hidden issues that are not generally talked about.

The success of a company is closely linked to the mental and physical health of their employees. The basics involve the right nutrition and healthy exercise habits. This is why we offer training on healthy nutrition and exercise that will help your employees break their old habits and bring fresh ideas to the company. 

Our trainer is a nutritional specialist who will give practical, science-based tips on how to protect one’s health and avoid illnesses through healthy eating and exercise. Our instructor has years of experience in human resources and the ability to engage with the participants of the training at a level that will lead to meaningful discussions. Read more about the training in our human resources blog.

Health improvement

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Results Only Work Environment ROWE

The operating principle of the results only work environment is that what counts are the results, not the hours spent at the office. We will help you find out whether flexible working hours would suit your company. We will help lead the change and implement the necessary adjustments.

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