ProfileXT is a personality test that helps assess a person’s suitability for a particular position. This evaluation of employees helps to create a stronger, more productive organization, because its main principle is the right people for the right job

This assessment reveals consistent, in-depth, and objective insight into an individual’s thinking and reasoning style, relevant behavioral traits, occupational interests and match to specific positions in an organization.

The results of the assessment are presented on the basis of a unique methodology for matching work requirements and human characteristics. The more an employee meets the requirements of the position, the higher is his/her productivity, quality of work and job satisfaction.


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1. Plan: Know the job

Define what kind of person you are looking for. A job profile helps determine what qualities an employee who achieves great results in a particular job should have.

Use ProfilesXT to evaluate candidates and find out how each of them meets the requirements of the position. Personality assessment provides more information and helps you make better hiring decisions.

2. Assess: Know the candidate 

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3. Choose: Know the fit 

Hiring the wrong person is expensive and risky. Comparing the results of the candidates with the requirements set for the job profile will help to compare the candidates and identify their strengths and risks.

Continuing education is important for a new employee to work effectively. ProfileXT reports will provide the manager with recommendations to help them systematically develop an employee based on their personality.

4. Engage: Know your people

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Learning potential

Verbal skills

Verbal thinking

Computing skills

Numerical thinking














Reports of different length and depth in content, type, purpose, language as well as intended audience can be generated from the user-friendly online environment. They are all easy to read, understand and interpret to ensure the ease of use as well as fasten the process of obtaining information.

Interview Guide is a report that matches the results of a candidate to the scales of a job match pattern. The results are displayed both in the graph and text form together with additional questions for final recruiting interviews. The report is used during a hiring process as well as succession planning.

An Individual Profile Report is used for personal growth and development.  This report does not provide the actual scores for each separate scale but instead includes a description of what the individual’s scores suggest.

Performance Model Comparison Report is a coaching report that matches the results of a person to the scales of a job match pattern. The results are displayed in a text form suggesting management recommendations in case of mismatch to the pattern. This report is used in the management process, when making development plans and motivating employees.

Summary graph is a report that matches the results of a person to the scales of a job match pattern. The results are displayed in a graph form. It is the quickest way of getting information about the suitability of one person to the position at hand. This report is used when recruiting and making promotion decisions.  

Succession planning report – strategic workforce planning report lets you look into the future. This report matches the results of a person to the scales of multiple job match patterns at one time. This report is efficient in the succession planning process.

The candidate matching report shows the results of comparing multiple candidates against a established performance model. The percentage shown indicates how well each candidate matches the established model.

It identifies the characteristics of the team and provides managers with the data they need to leverage both the similarities and differences among team members. The Team Report also provides managers with detailed management suggestions that take the guesswork out of how to manage their employees individually and as a team.


PXT assessments are part of HR factory’s recruitment full service. It is especially important when it comes to complicated senior and executive positions. We coordinate the administration of the tests and provide personal feedback on the results to both the test taker and the manager who commissioned the test. ProfileXT gives you an objective view of the candidate and is an excellent tool for the final selection among the candidates. ProfileXT is adapted to the Estonian market and has undergone a validated translation.

ProfileXT evaluation can also be ordered from us as a separate service. If you want an objective assessment of whether and to what extent a person currently going through the recruitment process is suitable for the team or how the company could be restructured, contact us and we will make you a personal offer!