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Initial situation: The client came to HR factory with a wish to find accountants for their international team. The challenging aspect was that the client wanted it to be a confidential recruitment process, i.e., not publicly announce its name. Also, there was a requirement of foreign language skills that are not common in Estonia – Polish and Hungarian.

Our contribution: We made the client an offer of a combined search: it would partly be a public search, but with the elements of an executive search. We conducted a confidential search, ensuring the full anonymity of the client. The recruitment adverts were worded discreetly, not giving any excessive hints about who the client was. Even in communication with candidates, we did not disclose the company’s name until the last round of interviews.

Result: Despite the confidentiality request and a challenging language requirement, the recruitment process was very successful. At first, the client’s aim was to find two suitable candidates, but our experienced recruitment specialist managed to find four strong candidates, who all got jobs at the client’s firm.

Recruitment software

Initial situation: As a result of the Covid-19 crisis, the number of e-customers of a popular retail chain in Estonia that uses the d.vinci software, increased rapidly.  Therefore, there was a need to quickly hire employees for the e-store. As many people had lost their jobs at the time, the number of candidates applying for the job also rapidly increased compared to regular situations. Our client turned to us to help find a solution for the partial automation of preselecting candidates, in order to speed up the recruitment process, using recruiting software. 

Our contribution: We helped with building a system where the candidates got a personal e-mail reply after applying. In the email, they were asked to fill in a short online questionnaire. The software automatically separated the candidates that had answered the questionnaire, from those who had not, so that when logging in, the recruiters immediately had an overview of the candidates, and they could move forward with suitable ones. The development team of the recruitment software also reacted quickly and created a connection between the d.vinci software and MS Teams. This enabled the recruiters to comfortably send out video meeting invites straight from the system, to the Outlook calendars of all the participants.

Result: The client was pleased with the result and the same solution has been used for finding additional workers for the Christmas season. Thanks to quick system developments, the flexibility of d.vinci software and smart solutions, the clients of d.vinci recruitment software can effectively organise their work during high seasons and no candidate’s e-mail is left unanswered in the recruiter’s mailbox.

Personnel management

Initial situation: A long-term client turned to HR factory with the wish to order an audit for HR documentation.

Our contribution: We performed a thorough audit for the company (internal link to Konsultatsioon -> tab: personaliaudit), and as a result of this, we gave recommendations for making their HR processes more efficient.  One of the biggest wins for the company was that we digitalised all the HR documentation (incl. employment contracts, job descriptions, personal data forms). We also digitalised the holiday schedule and made it available to all the employees.

Result: Thanks to the changes, the number of employees who had questions about their unused holiday days or holiday history, decreased considerably. The changes also gave the management a better overview of HR data. In order to preserve the established system and for the continuous improvement of their HR processes, we started to offer monthly HR services to the company.

Employee leasing

Initial situation: Our long-term client in recruitment turned to us to find a part-time employee for the team whose main task would be data processing. The nature of the work demanded the candidate to be able to adapt quickly and to understand the work processes, in order to solve the tasks entrusted to them, during a short period of time.

Our contribution: Based on our previous experience, we could predict that the regular search would have attracted only a few candidates, with rather low qualifications. Taking all this into account, we offered an alternative solution; our employee leasing service instead of recruiting. We suggested a person who we knew was skilled in data processing and who had already offered the service to many companies.  

Result: Our consultant worked for the company far longer than initially estimated, continuing to offer further help in solving similar problems.

HR data analysis

Initial situation: The client wished to recruit a reporting specialist who would deal with gathering international data within the company, create an overall data report and insert the compiled data into the central register. The task was systematic and repeating, but not enough for a full-time employment.

Our contribution: The temporary nature of the work and the rather small number of work tasks, were a clear sign to us that recruiting a new employee would be unnecessary. Since there was no requirement for the employee to be physically present at the workplace, we offered our reporting service as an alternative.

Result: We agreed on a monthly service which proved to be more economical for the company than hiring a person for the same activity. Since we could help our client develop a common register, the company did not need the service/employee further down the line, saving even more.

Learning and development services

Initial situation: In 2020, the need for digital learning formats rapidly increased for many customers. This was also the case here. To train 18,000 executives worldwide, both a company-independent learning management system and efficient administrative processes to deliver digital training, were needed in a timely manner.

Our support: With limited time, our team succeeded in both defining the processes and providing the software for registration and administration processes, so that the project could be rolled out internationally after only 3 months. Since then, our current tasks include ensuring a smooth training execution, the full handling of trainer and participant management, as well as the creation of regular reports, and consulting and support for the entire roll-out.

Result: In addition to the time gained, which our customer could use for other topics, the customer benefited from a fast and uncomplicated implementation and was able to draw on our many years of expertise in training management, so that all 18,000 managers could be trained in just 12 months.

Clients about us

“We are very satisfied with the HR administration service of HR factory. It is a pleasure to work with a reliable and professional partner. We are waiting for the next cooperation projects.”

Ivi Aluoja, Baltic HR Manager of Adven Eesti AS

“HR factory has been a reliable recruitment partner for Directo, already for ten years, and the company always offers the highest quality service. During our long-term cooperation, HR factory has helped us find real talent for the positions of software consultants and programmers. Qualified and enthusiastic specialists are the foundation for the smooth operation of Directo’s economic software and our impeccable client management.  Based on our experience, we would like to recommend the services of HR factory to everyone who appreciates a professional, client-oriented and results-driven service.”

Berit Veske, CEO of Directo OÜ

“HR factory has been a wonderful cooperation partner for us in hiring IT and logistics employees for our affiliates. Their working style is professional, inclusive and reliable.”

Anti Laiv, Manager of Linde GmbH Estonia

A productive and mutually beneficial cooperation between HR factory GmbH / Home of HR Experts and Microsoft Deutschland GmbH – what does this mean for us?

“For us, this means absolute confidentiality and reliability, a high level of business understanding at all levels of your company. A flexible as well as agile approach and the ability to adapt to new conditions, not only in the German but also in the global IT market, from the point of view of recruitment and support. These are the basics. In addition, HR factory GmbH provides a service that has enabled us over the last 15 years to add more and more operational and tactical personnel services to our service portfolio in close coordination between your management, the personnel department and the purchasing department of Microsoft Deutschland GmbH. Not out of “habit”, but out of the conviction that we can advance processes efficiently, competitively and innovatively.”

Peter Stock (Senior Procurement Engagement Manager), Microsoft Procurement

“I have been working with HR factory for a year now in an international and also national project. The colleagues are highly committed and solution-oriented. Issues are solved pragmatically and straightforwardly and always with friendliness and humor. The cooperation is smooth in every case. Particularly noteworthy is the commitment and willingness to take on new challenges – even time-critical ones – and solve them both nationally and internationally.”

Barbara Stäbler (Talent Management Expert and Coach), Allianz SE

“Kaubamaja’s managers and HR team like d.vinci recruitment software’s user-friendliness, that helps new users quickly learn the ways of the system, as well as the system’s adaptability to our needs. The openness and flexibility of the software guarantees coherence in the recruitment process and makes sure all parties always have a good overview. Above all, we’re glad to have had positive feedback from candidates, who say that communication in our recruitment process is operative and fast. Kaubamaja’s HR team is grateful to HR factory for their professional cooperation and user support. Our special thanks goes to Meeri, who is always there for us with good ideas!”

Kaubamaja AS

“Although we have not been working with HR factory for long, I can already say that the beginning of our cooperation has been very smooth, despite the fact that the situation in our HR management was quite challenging. I boldly recommend all companies who wish to outsource HR services to contact HR factory. In the initial phase of the query, they were already able to assess our needs in a flexible manner and find the most suitable consultants for us. Based on my cooperation experience, I can firmly recommend HR factory, because I believe their team is trustworthy, determined and professional – these are the three qualities that are extremely important in HR management.”

Tiina Kärsna, Baltika AS / Baltman OÜ, Head of HR & People Experience

“HR factory is supporting our company in HR Admin activities. We started our journey in Estonia with them, and since the beginning we have been very satisfied with the quality of their services and the way they work. We can highly and without any reservations recommend having HR factory as a partner to all companies searching for professionalism and a client-oriented approach in the HR field.”

Anna Dudek, Marketing Investment Group, HR Coordinator for Foreign Markets

“Communication with the recruiter was very good in each phase. It did not matter which person was in charge, we always got proactive information about the process. For recruitment briefing it was good to have first dialogues via phone and later a face-to-face meeting to understand the demands and for us to understand HR factory’s approach. They presented good final candidates and demonstrated good teamwork during the interviews and afterwards. They also did a good job when handling the candidates – they seemed to have a good feeling about the interviews they had together.”

Beric Giesenbauer, Hansa-Flex AG Business Development Manager

“HR factory is fast, detailed and they have accurate ability to map the client’s need in order to find suitable candidates. They recruit methodically and the consultants follow the agreed structure like professionals. Additionally, they do excellent Branding work as the applicants are very impressed with our company even before we meet with them. Using HR factory’s recruitment services has improved our overall quality.”

Tarmo Niineste, Also Eesti AS CEO

“HR factory has been a trustworthy partner for Nordea Bank and Nordea Finance Estonia, providing recruitment services for a couple of years now. We have had professional help in recruiting people for managerial and key specialist positions. All the managers and HR people in Nordea have appreciated the partnership and describe it with the following key words: professionalism, excellent preparation, willingness to know and understand our culture and needs, result- orientated, dedication and timely execution. We truly feel that our mission “Make it possible” is as relevant and important to HR factory as it has always been for us.”

Nordea Bank Abp Eesti filiaal HR Manager


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