Learning and Development

Learning and Development services that help take your team to a new level

The first step of HR development is training needs analysis. This analysis is made up of four parts:

Competency-based management: we map out the competencies required for the operation of your company and compare them with the existing ones.
Training management: we prepare a tailored training plan based on your budget and methodical preferences.
Objective-based management: we observe the work processes of your team, to ensure that all your employees are working towards the common goal of the company. If necessary, we will conduct personal interviews.
Talent management: we define the development needs of the company’s strategically important people and prepare them for new responsibilities with appropriate training.

Training needs analysis

Organisation of trainings

We will assist you through the whole training process, from concept development to the assessment of results. We will help you with choosing the method and technology – for example many training courses are much more effective when the employee can do them at their own computer or on their mobile phone, at their own chosen time. In addition, we will make sure that the trainings run smoothly by organising everything from the venue and catering to training providers and learning materials.

Nowadays we have training options that can be done on a computer or a mobile phone, allowing employees to plan their time better and work on training materials whenever it is most suitable for them. This type of trainings can also be very interesting and playful, e.g. consisting entirely of illustrated stories and questions based on those stories. From the organisational side, e-learning means that less time is spent on organising the training course, changes in training materials can be made on the run and analysing employees’ results is more convenient. HR factory uses EasyOps to manage work processes and MoOdalis to take care of the administrative side of training organisation and related reports.




Are your company’s personnel working towards a common goal? Do all your employees have the required competencies for their work? Get in touch with us and we’ll help you create a learning and development plan that matches the needs of your team.