Your company should be able to concentrate on its main activity, so let us take on all the HR activities that are too time-consuming or complex for you to handle. We call this service HR complete. Regardless of your company’s needs, whether you require large-scale HR projects and change management, or more routine tasks such as creating and managing HR documents, our dedicated HR experts can tailor the solution for you.

Your HR expert

Your human resources department

The everyday work of a human resources department is characterised by tasks that demand diligence, an eye for detail, tact, foresightedness and reliability. In addition, the human resources department must take into account the requirements and interests of all parties involved and be able to support team development so that the goals of the company can be achieved. For many companies, it may not be feasible to create specific jobs in the HR department, because the total number of employees is low, and there is not enough workload for HR specialists. At the same time, the existing team members may not have the right knowledge or skills for carrying out HR processes and for bringing out the best in the employees. Some companies will also have an HR department, but they may lack the capacity for carrying out new or larger projects. Our HR complete services cover your needs in respective volume.

The most important asset of a company is its people. Developing the potential of the team and managing the skills of their employees for the best possible outcomes, are complex and time-consuming tasks. As all people are different, the team management of every company is different. There are, of course, standard activities such as document creation and management, that must comply with the requirements of legislation and relevant regulations, but there are also many developmental activities that could really take the team to another level. Also, the methods that may help one team to achieve top results, may not work for another team.

People management

Personnel management includes many different activities. Every company chooses the activities that are needed to fulfil the goals of the organisation and the team. There are activities required by law, and voluntary activities. We can support your company in various ways – either in the framework of a one-time project, or as a monthly service.

Selection of IT-solutions Onboarding Employer branding Assessment and analysis of positions Recruitment and selection of employees Assessment of employees and different teams Occupational health andsafety management, and workenvironment risk assessment Creating training andteam developmentprogrammes Employee surveys tomeasure employeesatisfaction,

Human resources administration consists of many activities that must be done with care and precision. You can trust us to organise recruitment and to manage the documents related to employee registration. We will also organise and manage any documents related to employment relations. Furthermore, we keep records of working hours and holiday schedules and organise development interviews, training programmes and health checks, according to the needs of the employees. In addition to organising routine activities, we can help with strategic questions of human resources planning and counsel the management team. We offer these services either remotely, or by agreement – our specialist will come to your company on the specified days.

Many companies need HR staff for a certain time, or for implementing certain projects. For example, using employee leasing services may be of great help during holiday seasons. Namely, we help to ensure a constant and steady pace of work in the field of human resources, so that the company’s own employees do not have to fall under a heavy workload before or after going on holiday. Our HR experts are happy to help and join the company for as long as it is necessary.

Every company, and especially the HR departments, accumulates new data on a daily basis, which is often scattered in different systems, computers and files. When gathered, this information forms a valuable knowledge base that the company can use for making everyday decisions and for planning strategic changes. Often there is a lack of time and skills for transforming such a large quantity of data into concise information. Here, HR factory experts can help you create easy-to-manage units of data from all the information.

Analysis of data organisation Analysis of time-planning and work tasks(lists of tasks and time calculations) Excel-based invoice management and control systems (Flowdesk) Compiling and implementing surveys,and compiling the results of surveys Analysis of the results of surveys Data formatting andmigrating data between systems Creating standard dataforms and charts (togetherwith statistical extracts) Analysis andimprovement ofexisting data forms Excel-based HR tools(work or holidayschedules, etc.)

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