We are an HR management consulting agency founded in Munich in 2002 and represented throughout Europe with additional offices in Tallinn and Vilnius. More than 500 companies already rely on our expertise and experience. Our HR Experts invest over 250,000 hours annually to help clients move forward creatively, strategically or in the day-to-day operations of the HR department. We deliver ad-hoc solutions for companies of all sizes and operate across all industries.

You will rarely find generic solutions with us: FLEXIBILITY is a top priority for us. Let yourself be inspired by our drive and the solution-oriented approach of our more than 100 HR Experts in total. Together we will develop an individual plan and implement it in an uncomplicated way. Or quite pragmatically, we’ll drop in and help exactly where support is needed. Like an HR chameleon, we adapt to your situation.

Our services cover the entire employee life cycle. We offer you operational or consulting support in all HR disciplines, with a focus on recruiting, HR administration and learning & development. In addition, we also offer HR interim management.


It takes a lot of courage and curiosity to think your way into new situations, to get to know different companies, to work out solutions or simply to lend a hand in the HR department on site. And that’s exactly what our HR Experts offer you.

Every challenge is different, every project individual, but you can still rely on the fact that no HR topic is foreign to our experts.


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What is behind our daily motivation?


EXPERTS: Working in a team is naturally for us. We value a high standard of knowledge and want to help you advance with our expertise and many years of experience.

IMPULSES: We want to show you new approaches and possibilities. Anyone can do normal. We do it differently and want to go new ways together with you.

DAILY HUMAN RESOURCES WORK: The most important thing is that the basis is right. If all the standard processes in HR work, you have time for the bigger picture. That’s why we prefer to make our contribution to both.

FOR ALL: We value diversity.

CREATING: We roll up our sleeves and get to work.


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What exactly does HR factory do?

Almost 20 years ago we started as an HR outsourcing company. Shortly after the start we supported many HR departments of well-known companies more and more intensively. Our customers were satisfied with the cooperation so they encouraged us again and again to take over further tasks in HR.

Today, we are an integral part of many HR departments.

We provide our expertise in all aspects of HR to companies of all sizes. As an external HR department, in administrative support, in strategic consulting, as an innovative forward thinker or as a pragmatic doer.

What makes a good staffing service?

Frankly speaking, we have a very concrete idea of HR services. At HR factory, the focus is always on our HR Experts. On the one hand, it is very important to us that they can optimally support your project based on their knowledge and experience. On the other hand, we also make sure that our experts personally fit into the teams of our client companies and can develop further within the framework of the project. Therefore, our experts are always in close contact with each other, even if they are working on different projects as temporary employees. All of them can rely on the support of their colleagues.

Why are staffing services so expensive?

We don’t think they are at all. When all factors are taken into account and all aspects critical to success are considered holistically, our customers could not be more favorably and flexibly positioned. After all, as a personnel service provider, we bear all the costs of finding suitable applicants and expend a great deal of time and effort on providing them with intensive support. We employ our experts, who support you, in permanent positions and take over their intensive supervision and further training. We also take on many other risks, the costs of which should not be underestimated.

It’s a bit like going out to eat or taking a cab. It’s very difficult to compare the price of a pizza in a restaurant with the cost of preparing it in your own kitchen. In the end, what counts is that you don’t have to shop, prepare, bake, clean up and wash up, and the pizza is usually better than at home.

When does temporary work make sense and what other options are there?

If you are looking to work with a particular expert, or if experts act on your behalf and on your instructions, the only option is a permanent position or temporary employment. Often, however, our clients are interested in a result, such as the creation of job references or the implementation of HR software. Perhaps you would like to outsource the administrative support of your workforce. In these cases, we agree on the provision of these services in a service contract, sometimes called a service contract for short, or as part of a contract for work and services. Our Business Development Managers will be happy to advise you on this in detail.

We don’t have headcounts available, how can I still get support?

For us, this is not at all a cause for concern. It is only important to us that we work out the right solution to support your HR project in an uncomplicated way. If you do not have any free positions available for the experts to be deployed, we will design our deployment in such a way that it can be agreed, for example, as a service in a service contract or as a project within the framework of a contract for work and services.

How does a cooperation with freelancers work?

Of course, we also organize experts for your HR topics who work as consultants or freelancers. Here, too, we have very good contacts and a good reputation on the market. Please note that we have a special responsibility in this case and always first make sure that the use of a freelance expert for your individual task makes sense and is legally compliant. If you like to work with freelancers often, you should have your own compliance guidelines that regulate the legally compliant use of freelancers

How do I prepare myself optimally for cooperation with personnel services?

For a professional service company, the focus is always first on your current challenge. Be ruthlessly open, we are also in the exchange with our customers. We need to understand the task in detail in order to be able to meet it in the best possible way. Be careful when someone offers you a solution for a problem they don’t even know yet. 

As soon as we have understood what is really important to you, we can offer you a binding solution, based on which we can also submit an offer directly. You can rely on the fact that we are only interested in serving the needs we have identified together. No additional strategy consulting, no upgrade recommendation to a premium package. Simply a good solution. Period.

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