The requirements of our medium-sized customer companies are as diverse as their products and their HR organization. Individual solutions count instead of standardized HR services. That’s why we think comprehensively about your particular challenge and work together as your HR partner to develop a targeted solution that can be implemented quickly. It is well known that the easiest way to explain things is by means of example projects:

Medical equipment

Initial situation: Specialist qualifications were sought for a rather unattractive location in Germany. Since no suitable candidates were found by means of a job advertisement on job portals, the instrument “active sourcing” was to be established in the recruiting process.

Our support: After analyzing and working out the client’s needs, ideas and status quo in a detailed briefing meeting, our active sourcing team started searching for and approaching candidates via various social media channels. Our team of HR experts then got to know potential candidates in a telephone screening. As a result, the client received a shortlist of suitable candidates and a key fact sheet with relevant details from us.

Result: The customer was able to integrate qualified and interested candidates into its internal recruiting process within three months.

Woman in laboratory at microscope

Adventure and leisure

Initial situation: Due to rapid growth, the existing HR admin team could no longer cope with the prevailing workload. In addition, the HR tool was to be restructured and the data situation reviewed.

Our support: Over a period of several months, we integrated three qualified HR experts into our client’s HR team, who provided operational support in day-to-day business (e.g. contract and certification management, onboarding and offboarding) as well as in the additional projects.

Result: The result was a reduction of the stress level and the regaining of a positive basic mood in the team. In addition, new freedom was created for the HR team. This allowed them to work on topics and projects that had been neglected at times due to the high workload

Canoeing on the lake in the sunshine

Software development

Initial situation: Through an individual analysis of each site, a holistic development and training plan concept is to be developed, based on a uniform standard.

Our support:  Our HR Expert accompanies the strategic personnel development of the customer. In this context, a learning budget is established after the evaluation of the employee survey. To ensure that the offer is actively used, our HR Expert provides support as a companion throughout the entire training process, from registration to feedback after successful participation.

Result: Our client was able to strengthen employee bonds through the measures as well as promote the individual professional development of each employee.

Software developers at work


We offer you HR support, no matter where the need is highest in your HR department. As your HR partner, we take over activities from the HR day-to-day business, but also think together with you about strategic changes or new starting points. In this way, workarounds can be optimized and made more efficient in the long term. All doors are now open for your new projects.

“We have been successfully working with HR factory since 2018. Our common path began when we needed standardized employment contracts for employees sent from abroad. Since then, an HR expert has been supporting us in all administrative HR issues, including time management and preparation in case of payrolls. Based on our good experience in the HR sector, we now also have secretarial support from HR Factory. In particular, we appreciate the flexible and reliable provision of qualified employees, who have always demonstrated conscientiousness and great commitment.”

Company from Aviation Industry

“HGF have been working with HR Factory since the start of 2020, and we have found their expertise and advice excellent. The team have spent time getting to know our sector and Munich office colleagues, to ensure we work in partnership.”

Lisa Kearney (Senior HR Advisor)
HGF Limited

“We have been working with HR factory since 2019, outsourcing parts of our HR work and recently also commissioning them as part of a consulting project on the topic of HR digitization. Accurate and super-friendly service is at the top of HR factory’s list – we are completely satisfied and would very much like to expand our cooperation further. Highly recommended!”

Britta Valeske (Head of Human Resources & Organizational Development)
Deutsche Transalpine Oelleitung GmbH

“As an HR manager, I can recommend the services of HR factory in every respect. During a difficult transformation phase, I received professional and customized support very quickly! An HR consulting company that provides excellently trained personnel and responds to special customer requests. Gladly again and again.”

Barbara Dübell (HR Manager)
Haier Deutschland GmbH

“In a phase of great growth, HR factory was our salvation. At very short notice, we were provided with a competent HR expert who was able to quickly relieve our colleagues in the areas of recruiting and HR administration. Thanks to this high level of expertise, we were able to define processes and improve the overall structure of our HR work last year. Digitization is also a major topic. For example, we have successfully implemented a new time recording system with the help of HR factory and are planning to introduce a personnel management system in the next step. I look forward to further collaboration!”

Michaela Schenk (Managing Partner)


We cover all HR areas and our HR Experts team is diverse. This allows us to bring the HR support you need into your HR team at short notice. Do you prefer a long-term cooperation? As a sustainable HR partner, we can provide that, too. Often the long-term results from the short-term. Would you like to know more?


We are happy to support and advise you as an HR partner – whether on the topics of digitization, employee retention or growth opportunities. Contact us now and get your own impression of our HR experts. We are looking forward to meeting you.


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