Drawing up and amending contracts, issuing confirmations, writing references, handling payroll processes, in short: advising and supporting managers and employees on HR issues. That is HR administration. Functioning processes increase efficiency and produce high-quality results. At this point, HR management not only promotes employees’ trust in the organization, but also the company’s success.

We support you in the full range of HR administration tasks professionally, strategically and/or operationally in your daily work. We take over individual sub-processes or even the entire HR admin process and focus on your needs.


Every company has its own processes and requirements in its HR administration. Whether it is a small company without its own HR department or specific sub-processes in large corporations – we offer a suitable solution for every circumstance.

Target customersfrom Start Up to Groupfrom Start Up to SMEsmaller medium-sized businessesfrom Start Up to Group
Preparation of documents, such as employment contracts & references According to individual needs
Preparatory payroll accounting According to individual needs
Advanced human resources processing, e.g. managing personnel files or monitoring work and sick days. According to individual needs
HR consulting at business partner level According to individual needs
Personnel support According to individual needs
Support by a service team*
Support from a HR Expert**
Maximum number of employees in the supervising companyunlimitedapprox. 80approx. 50unlimited
Cost per monthfrom 800€from 1.700€from 2.800€individual offer
Scope of services per month according to effort / number of documents10h
(increase possible according to demand)
(increase possible according to demand)
as needed, full time possible
Response time (during normal business hours)max. 48hmax. 24hmax. 24h immediately
* mixed team (junior to senior level) | in remote | communication via a defined contact
** selected by you | full or part time | on-site or remote | junior to senior level
Request HR Admin Basic Request HR Admin Advanced Request HR Admin Premium Request HR Admin Exclusive

The service components of our HR Admin packages in detail

Outsourcing of employment contracts and certificates

Outsourcing the preparation of employment contracts and references is interesting for many companies. This is because this activity can be implemented with a high degree of standardization and still takes a lot of time. Extreme conscientiousness is required, since even small mistakes or number errors can have serious consequences. Our processes are therefore equally focused on efficiency and quality . This is how we guarantee timely solutions and professional results.

Wage and salary accounting: punctual and up-to-date

Monthly billing presents every company – whether start-up, SME or corporate group – with a high administrative burden. In addition to creating and providing payroll at the end of the month, this also includes maintaining and updating employee master data, reviewing external documents, exchanging information with offices and authorities, and much more. But we don’t just support you with the basics of payroll accounting, we also help you keep track of everything.

Conscientious handling
with personnel matters

The basic building blocks for a flawless workflow are laid in HR Administration. In addition to the creation and maintenance of contracts and references as well as payroll accounting, this involves topics such as the management and maintenance of personnel files, the calculation of vacation entitlements or the monitoring of sick days. In short, we support your company in all conceivable administrative workflows.

Efficient and solution-oriented

Due to the direct contact to the employees and the cooperation with the managers, the personnel support requires a trustful and professional solution. Our HR experts guarantee efficient and solution-oriented action coupled with broad knowledge and experience in dealing with complex issues – also of a personnel law nature – throughout the entire employee life cycle. The area of personnel support also includes, for example, the onboarding and offboarding of employees. In everything, it is always important to consider the needs of all parties equally.

The best result is
just good enough

It’s not just HR administration where we set the highest standards for ourselves. Our incentive is always to achieve the best possible result for you – or even a little bit beyond. If required, our experienced HR experts will also support you with their knowledge on strategic issues, leaving the traditional field of HR administration behind. Our strength is clearly our empathy for the respective situation of the customer. Only those who have understood what is really at stake can deliver the perfect solution.

Optimized processes for the entire HR department

It’s quite simple: Functioning processes not only lead to success in HR administration, but also have a positive effect in the other areas of HR. Both on the overall performance of the HR department and on the satisfaction of individual employees. Are you curious about how we can optimize your recruiting processes together?


Moritz Meyer, member of the HR factory sales team

Moritz Meyer

Senior Account Manager
| HR Projects

Daniel Daser from HR factory

Daniel Daser

Account Manager
| HR Projects

Christiane Bartsch

Business Development Manager | DACH

Want to learn more about our HR admin offerings? Then let’s get right to it. Get in touch with our contact persons and arrange a non-binding first meeting. We look forward to working together to determine what type of support is best for you and your team.


What ist HR administration? 

HR administration is the heart of every HR department. Even if the company is so small that it does not have a designated HR department, HR administration tasks are legally required and essential for smooth operations.

In addition to drawing up employment contracts and references and keeping a personnel file, monthly payroll accounting is also indispensable. In addition, activities such as calculating vacation days, monitoring work and sick days fall within the scope of HR Administration. However, personal support for specialists and executives on personnel law issues during the hiring process or in the context of on- and offboarding can also fall within this area.

Why is HR Administration important for my company?

A functioning HR administration forms the basis of a modern people management and thus represents an important component of the company’s success. In addition, this part of HR covers all the formal processes that need to be considered from hiring to issuing employees. Without smooth HR administration services, organizations and businesses are hardly capable of acting.

What are the advantages of outsourcing HR administration tasks?

The benefits are numerous and depend on the individual circumstances of your company. Customers particularly often make use of our support to save costs in order to create more capacity internally again. Or to bring human resources management know-how into the company that is not available internally.

What is the difference in the various HR Admin packages?

The support of our customers within the HR Admin Basic, HR Admin Advanced and HR Admin Premium packages is provided by remote service teams – consisting of several HR Experts – from junior to senior. The scope of support depends on the size of the company and the package booked. When using HR Admin Exclusive, the scope of service is determined by your individual needs. On this basis, we will work with you to find an HR Expert who can optimally cover your specific requirements. The implementation takes place, depending on your wishes, full or part time, remotely or directly at your site.

What is the difference between HR administration, HR management and HR processing?

In our view, it is not possible to clearly delineate the terms, so we use HR administration, HR management and HR processing synonymously. In general, HR often conceals different areas of responsibility behind different internal terms. If you are unsure, feel free to contact us. We are sure to find the right solution for your individual situation.

When does HR administration support make sense?

A (partial) outsourcing of HR administration always makes sense if the underlying processes cannot or should not be mapped by your company’s own employees. This could be a short-term increase in workload, for example due to restructuring. Or even a fundamental decision that the employees of your HR department should focus more on other, possibly strategic, HR activities. Or your company does not have an HR department due to a rather small number of employees. Outsourcing of personnel issues is also very popular in this case.

What costs should I factor in?

The costs for our support in the area of HR administration depend on your individual needs and the number of employees. Basically, we offer our support in the form of four different solutions:

  • HR Admin Basic
  • HR Admin Advanced
  • HR Admin Premium
  • HR Admin Exclusive

You can find the price indication of the first three packages here. The prices for the HR Exclusive package can only be calculated after you have discussed your individual needs with us.

Can I also outsource only partial processes of HR administration?

Yes, this is not a problem! We adapt to your needs. For example, our HR Admin Basic package is suitable for all company sizes and industries. In this case, you only outsource the preparation of documents such as employment contracts and references to us. But we will also find a solution for you for the mapping of all other sub-processes and keep your back free. A later increase to cover additional processes is possible.