We like to work operationally. Yes. But this only works perfectly and efficiently with a well planned HR strategy. Behind this lies great, often unrealized potential. We live and work in a rapidly changing environment. That’s why it’s important to remain adaptable and open to new goals as a company in order to succeed. This is where your HR strategy comes into play. As a big player on the road to business success, your HR team is thus in the right place at the right time with the necessary expertise. The focus is on the further development of the individual HR disciplines: Recruiting, HR Administration and Learning & Development.

We support you in analyzing and designing your HR strategy. Together with you, our HR experts develop a roadmap for the future path of your HR department and support you with content expertise and goal-setting skills.

In addition to classic post-and-pray, active sourcing or other recruiting measures, employer branding focuses on the power of positive branding. We help you position yourself as an attractive employer on the market. Key points here are EMPLOYER VALUE PROPOSITION as well as internal and external employer branding. The goal is to ensure that job seekers are not only attracted by the job posting itself, but are also enthusiastic about it. This is how you say bye-bye to the shortage of specialists and managers. From now on it’s: hello motivated employees. Employer branding has to be thought of internally and externally.

Employer branding.
With personality.

Two HR experts exchange ideas about recruiting on a couch
Two HR experts talk about recruiting

Personell marketing

Is personnel marketing an essential factor in the war for talent? Yes! Is personnel marketing more than just a job advertisement? Sure! Together we develop a customized recruiting campaign and advise you on new approaches. We’ll take a look behind the scenes to make sure you’re in the best possible position in the battle for qualified young talent: How is your company doing in recruiting? Which key figures can you analyze? Which alternative channels and media make sense for specific target groups? There are so many possibilities, and sometimes it’s just small adjustments.

Simplifying processes and having more time for other things? Sounds like a dream? We make your dream come true. We support you in digitalizing your HR processes. This makes your recruitment even easier and more efficient, and helps you attract top candidates with less effort. Onboarding and HR support can also be handled flawlessly thanks to the support of the tool. Nothing falls by the wayside, processes are automated and employee self-service is made possible.

HR digital.
More space.
More efficieny.

Freundliche Recruiting Expertin mit Tablet

Remain flexible with the latest HR technologies and innovations. There are countless good HR tools on the market today that can be used in a variety of ways. But which HR tool covers your processes best? We analyze your structures in the company and in HR and provide you with an overview of the tools with the best fit. In doing so, we consider your must-haves and discuss additional features with you. Beyond the selection, we also support you in the implementation of the software. Your advantages? We do much more than just solve problems. Our HR experts support you in setting up the tool operationally or in migrating data. Did you already know? We are a certified Personio Implementation Partner! Of course, we can also advise you independently on all other HR tools that fit your specific needs.

HR digital. Adaptable. Dynamic.

Competent manager with tablet
Lächelnde HR Expertin vor Laptop

HR jump start.
3. 2. 1.

HR is still rather new territory for you? Building up a complete HR department still sounds like a mammoth task? We’ll show you why challenges can also be used as opportunities. Together we build up your HR. Our HR experts will support you, for example, in the revision and standardization of templates or the introduction of efficient processes. We also tackle topics such as the implementation of HR tools or process optimization with regard to DSGVO compliance. In addition, we are available as a permanent contact for all HR topics for your employees.

Does the perfect process exist? We don’t think so. Because there is always potential for optimization everywhere. Often the view from the outside helps to make undiscovered improvement possibilities visible. We know all HR structures – whether rigid or flexible – through a wide variety of projects with a wide variety of clients. And this is exactly what you benefit from: HR benchmarking plays an essential role for us in process optimization. We are happy to take a strategic look at your processes and show you which workarounds can be pulled, costs saved or processes shortened.

Process optimization.
Newly developed.
In movement.

Two HR Experts talking while walking

Demands are rising. Business models are changing. Can your processes keep pace? The revision and optimization of existing processes is closely linked to the development of new competencies. This enables you not only to identify savings opportunities, but also to take advantage of them. By developing an efficient strategy, your employees are prepared for new challenges. As a result, business processes can be streamlined and your team can be deployed more effectively. What are the skills and qualifications? Let’s find out in a joint benchmark workshop!

Process optimization.

Young woman designs HR Stratgie concept
Kompetent lächelnde Frau vor Laptop schaut in die Kamera.

HR digital.

Now it’s time to rethink the world of work. Always one step ahead with digital learning. Now you can use cloud-based learning management systems or learning experience platforms to promote the skills and abilities of your employees in a targeted manner. Learning from anywhere and at any time becomes a reality. We support you in the selection, conversion and introduction of digital learning tools and work with you to turn your personnel development into a growth engine for your company. We always take into account the personal learning habits of your employees and create an individual learning experience for each of them.

Currently, it is more important than ever to be able to adapt quickly to new market situations and to remain flexible. Especially in HR, a lot has changed in recent years, which is why agility has also become enormously important for the HR department. It is important to focus on effectiveness (doing the right things), but also not to neglect quality and efficiency (doing things right) in a rapidly changing environment. What does that mean for us exactly? Always keeping the added value for the customer in mind and reacting according to their standards. The goal of agile HR structures is to further develop existing competencies and establish a new, outcome-oriented mindset. Servant leadership, self-organized teams and an agile management system, such as OKR, are not dreams of the future for us, but are already essential components for HR today. With transparency, alignment and commitment at all levels of the company, decision-making and reaction paths can be accelerated. This is what makes agile action possible.

Is agility still a foreign word in your HR department? Our HR Experts are happy to help you with the right impulses.

Agile HR.

Kompetenter HR Expert vor grauer Wand


The connection of an HR strategy with the operative action possibilities of a company are the key to success. That’s why we help you not only to develop the HR strategy, but also to put the defined measures into practice.

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