Is your entire HR organization facing a new and comprehensive challenge? For example, the development of a personnel strategy, the optimization of HR processes, an organizational change or a project around the topic of HR digitization? To successfully plan and implement large HR projects, you require enough know-how and capacities in the company.

Or: HR consulting that provides you with professional advice and support – both in theory, but also in practical implementation.

But we are also there to help you with smaller tasks: Are you currently faced with a diffuse problem in HR or do you have to reconcile different sub-areas in HR? Our HR Consulting Team can help you to recognize the essentials and to keep the overview.

No matter what problem your company or you are facing, working with our HR Consulting team is all about getting the most out of your HR.


Our HR consulting is not dissimilar to a classic management consultancy – with the difference that we focus exclusively on HR specific topics. We are HR professionals from practice for practice. Cooperation at eye level is therefore the be-all and end-all for us.

All our HR consultants have many years of practical experience in HR. Due to their broad experience, they can quickly get to grips with any challenge and work quickly on a suitable solution. In short: Support from HR for HR.

For us, HR consulting means not only theory, but also practice: from theoretical analysis, to the creation of practical recommendations for action, to their actual implementation. We advise and support you in every phase of your project.

HR Consulting Expert:innen lächeln in die Kamera
René Demin, Sibel Wunschel, Jana Weis – three of our HR Consultants


ompetition, scarcity of funds, war for talents, shortage of skilled workers, hybrid working, new work, changing global conditions and unpredictability… the pressure to adapt and optimize modern HR organizations of the future is enormous.

No matter what the challenge in HR is: Our goal is always to focus on people as the key factor for your company’s success. In all HR consulting projects, the holistic interaction of strategy, structure and culture has top priority.

Our HR consulting covers all conceivable focal points – from a content-related HR transformation, to a strategic realignment, to a complete HR change project.


You want a simplified recruiting process to have more time for other things?

We analyze your current process and identify the optimizations with the greatest leverage for you. Often, the adjustments go hand in hand with the digitalization of your HR processes. We are also happy to support you in the selection of suitable tools and their practical implementation.

In short: Your personnel search will be easier and more efficient and you will gain top candidates with less effort.

Do you want to counter the shortage of specialists and managers? Employer branding is an ideal tool for this.

We help you position yourself as an interesting employer on the market: Together with you, we analyze the current perception of your employer brand, derive practical recommendations for action and, if necessary, support you in their implementation. After all, it is crucial for the success of your employer branding that the defined measures are both lived internally and communicated externally.

Eine glaubhaft positiv aufgeladene A credibly positively charged employer brand acts like a magnet for applicants and retention.

Stay empowered with the latest HR technologies and innovations. There are countless good HR tools on the market today that can be used in a variety of ways. But which HR tool covers your processes best?

As part of our HR consulting, we support you in developing your requirements, provide you with an overview of suitable tools and then help you select the right HR IT solution. Afterwards, our HR experts will be happy to assist you with the practical implementation of the software, data migration and change management.

In summary: HR factory helps you set up your HR digital so that you have more time for personal collaboration with employees and managers.

Did you know?

We are a certified Personio Implementation Partner! Of course we also advise you independently on all other tools.

Who hasn’t experienced it: a new strategy is introduced into the organization, structures are adapted – but the change doesn’t really take off.

Often it’s down to the culture: adapting and developing this is the supreme discipline in HR. Our HR consultants advise and support you in the following areas, among others:

  • Collaboration and Cooperation: Team Development
  • Leading and accompanying change: Leadership development
  • Shaping the future: Competence development for employees

New work, new normality: No matter what you call it, adaptability and flexibility are essential in the modern working world. Especially in HR, a lot has changed in the last few years, which is why agility is also enormously important for HR departments.

The goal of agile HR structures is to further develop existing competencies and establish a new, outcome-oriented mindset. The focus must be on effectiveness (doing the right things), but also on quality and efficiency (doing things right) in a rapidly changing environment.. 

Servant leadership, self-organized teams and an agile management system, such as OKR, are not dreams of the future for us, but are already essential components of HR today.

Is agility still a foreign word in your HR department? Our HR consultants will be happy to help you with the right impulses.


Are transformations necessary in your HR? But where is the most efficient starting point? A realignment of the HR strategy, an adjustment of HR processes or the implementation of tools?

Our HR consultants will be happy to support you in analyzing the current situation and defining your goals. Subsequently, our HR factory consulting process takes effect.

Target Statement Derivation and definition of strategic and/or operative process targets.
Intensive analysis phase Holistic approach to identify drivers and starting points.
Concept stage Development of a effective and practicable concept.
Implementation & Validation Implementation of measures and review of their effectiveness.

Every client and every consulting goal is different. Therefore, we work together with you in iterative and transparent steps and do not reel off a typical “consultant program”. Our project approach ensures that your goal and our conceptual work are always synchronized and run in short sprints. This gives you an overview of progress, time and investment at all times.


We are happy to advise you on all HR-related topics. We also support you in a variety of operational activities or in the procurement of HR personnel.


Moritz Meyer, Mitarbeiter des Vertriebsteams von HR factory

Moritz Meyer

Senior Account Manager
| HR Projects

Daniel Daser von HR factory

Daniel Daser

Account Manager
| HR Projects

Cameron Pauly

Senior Business Development Manager | Germany Austria Switzerland

How can we help develop your HR to the next level?


When is HR consulting recommended?

HR consulting is always useful when an HR department faces a challenge and cannot get ahead on its own. The associated situations are individual: Some companies are merely aware that they have a problem, but cannot define it and need analytical consulting. Other companies, for example, are facing major change processes in HR and want experienced HR consultants as sparring partners. Frequently, our HR consulting services are also used by companies that want to realign their HR IT strategy. In this case, they work with us on a needs analysis and tool evaluation.

What are the costs for HR consulting?

The costs for HR consulting are individual and depend on the type and scope of the project, because we always provide you with customized advice. We will be happy to discuss your personal requirements with you and then provide you with a fair and transparent offer.

For which topics is HR consulting particularly suitable?

Our HR consulting covers all conceivable focal points:

  • content-related HR transformation
  • strategic realignment
  • HR change projects
  • HR process optimization
  • employer branding
  • agile HR
  • organizational development
  • personnel development
What makes a good HR consultant?

Good HR Consultants can quickly grasp the current challenges of their clients and flexibly adapt to the associated needs. In order to ensure this, it is of utmost importance that an:e HR Consultant:in himself has a broad experience in the HR field. By no means should a prefabricated consulting program with standardized solutions be applied, which is difficult to implement in practice. We work according to the motto: From HR professional to HR professional. Therefore, we ensure goal-oriented communication at eye level and always provide practical advice.

What is the difference between HR consulting and personnel consulting?

HR factory supports and advises you on all HR topics. You can think of our HR consulting as being similar to a management consultancy, but explicitly for HR departments. The special thing about it: Our consultants are all experienced HR professionals themselves.

HR consulting is about analyzing your HR challenges and strengthening your HR department with the help of strategic and/or process-related adjustments. A classic HR consultancy, on the other hand, supports you in the search for and staffing of specialists and executives. HR consultants are often also referred to as headhunters.