Your company has a well-rehearsed HR department and a strong management level, but the exchange between the two parties is not working as desired? The HR department provides good impulses, which are, however, not sufficiently implemented by the executives? The management sees a need for action on the part of HR, but does not manage to address this adequately? In all these situations an HR Business Partner serves as an interface. Our HR Experts are experienced HR Business Partners and will quickly improve your situation.

The world of work is in a constant process of change

In order to retain a motivated workforce with the right know-how despite a shortage of skilled workers and a greater willingness to change jobs, companies have to keep pace. In addition to a good work-life-balance, development opportunities and appreciation, employees demand that their employers live up to the principles of corporate social responsibility. On the other hand, companies must operate profitably. To do this, it is also necessary to make decisions that meet with little understanding among employees.

The role of our HR Experts as HR Business Partner is to analyze and strategically think through the respective situations and to mediate between HR, employees, managers and the management. As a sparring partner at eye level, as a consultant and coach, and as a trusted point of contact for all kinds of issues.

HR generalists who drive the business

HR Business Partners are defined as the interface between the HR department and the core business. The focus is not on administrative or operational activities, but on strategy development and implementation as well as consulting and coaching of executives. Human Resource Business Partners are involved in all important management decisions and therefore have a direct influence on business development.

Designing instead of managing

The responsibilities of an HR Business Partner are diverse and depend on the size and structure of the company. In large companies, there are often several Business Partners, for example, each HR Business Partner is responsible for a separate business area. In smaller companies, there is often only one HR Business Partner. The activities of HR Business Partners tend to be more general in smaller companies, while in larger companies the focus is very much on strategy and business support. In any case, they are a strategic sparring partner and coach for management, lead change processes, take care of HR demand and succession planning, and are responsible for employee retention.

and trustworthy

In order to fill the role of an HR Business Partner, a number of requirements should be met. Basically, suitable candidates should already have several years of experience in HR. She:He should enjoy proactively driving developments forward and act responsibly and decisively. In this context, assertiveness and negotiation skills are important qualities. In order to create a relationship of trust with both employees and management, strong social skills, a solution-oriented approach and strong communication skills are also fundamental requirements.


The most important resource that companies have is their own employees. Through the use of an HR Business Partner, it is possible to create or strengthen the all-important connection between employees and management. Your company will profit from this in the long run.


The best strategies and management decisions are of no use if there is no (wo)manpower to implement them. Our HR experts will gladly take over operational tasks of all kinds for you.


Moritz Meyer, Mitarbeiter des Vertriebsteams von HR factory

Moritz Meyer

Senior Account Manager
| HR Projects

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Daniel Daser

Account Manager
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Cameron Pauly

Senior Business Development Manager | Germany Austria Switzerland

HR Business Partner know and understand the business and the employees. Are you ready to benefit from the versatile competencies of an HRBP?


How can HR factory provide me with an appropriate HR Business Partner?

Many of our Senior HR Experts have many years of experience as HR Business Partners. Depending on your needs, we can match your company with suitable candidates without straining your headcount.

What is the function of an HR Business Partner?

In short, HR Business Partners are experienced HR generalists who work with a company’s management team to drive its core business forward in a strategic and employee-oriented manner. In doing so, they are more of a designer than an administrator, and thus work primarily in an advisory and support capacity.

What tasks does an HR Business Partner cover in my company?

The optimal HR Business Partner is always at eye level: As a binding and trustworthy contact for employees as well as an assertive and solution-oriented sparring partner for the management level. Depending on the size of the company, tasks such as vacation, compensatory time, salaries, further training, labor law issues and terminations can be just as relevant as forward-looking HR requirements planning and coverage, the management of change management processes or the coaching of executives. The development of tools for employee retention and the control of the retention rate is also an important area of activity for an HRBP.

How do companies benefit from hiring an HR Business Partner?

The HR department is to be given greater strategic and employee-oriented influence in the company through HRBP. Business Partner:in should be involved in all important management decisions. The HR Business Partner carries the concerns of the HR department into management and thus directly influences the success of a company.

In addition, through their interface position, HR Business Partners help to fill the corporate culture with life.

What is the difference between an HR Business Partner and an HR Officer?

The prices for the assignment of an HR interim manager vary depending on the requirements and the topics covered by the HR business partner and HR consultant have a very large overlap. All HR processes are conceivable, from recruiting and employee development to staff reduction. The main difference is that HR Business Partners work strategically, while HR Representatives focus on operational and administrative activities. HRBPs often have a specialization for which they have developed a passion over the years. For example, there are Employer Branding Experts, Labor Law Specialists, Payroll Specialists and Professionals in Human Resources Development.