Who will you be working with in the future? We like to introduce ourselves.
As HR Experts, we are driven by our personal enthusiasm for HR. Everyday we pursue our mission to create a better working world for everyone.

What makes the difference? Our project career.
From a wide variety of client projects, our HR Experts have been able to gain generalist or in-depth knowledge and experience in HR disciplines within a very short period of time – in various industries and company sizes. Our expertise is based on personal experience and knowledge gained through active exchange, both internally and externally. This allows us to offer you a high level of quality and maximum flexibility.


In our team you will find all qualification levels, from Junior HR Experts to Senior HR Experts. Due to this, we can support you quickly and precisely with your individual challenge in HR. 
How do we manage that? It’s your decision! Our HR Experts relieve your HR team on site or remotely throughout Germany or from our office in Munich. We are also flexible regarding the contract and have experience in short, medium or long-term cooperation.

What you can expect from everyone? A fast, efficient and needs-oriented solution as well as a relief of the HR department and thus an added value for your HR team from day one.

  • First working experience
  • Focus on operational HR topics
  • Basic HR knowledge, understanding of processes

Junior HR Expert

Junior HR Expert arbeitet am Laptop auf Couch
HR Expert lehnt an Glaswand

HR Expert

  • At least two years of HR experience
  • Focus on operational HR issues
  • Advanced HR knowledge
  • At least five years of HR experience
  • Focus on operational and strategic HR topics, eye for process optimization
  • In-depth HR knowledge

Senior HR Expert

Lächelnde Senior HR Expert mit Tablet
Senior HR Expert arbeitet am Laptop

Knowledge Lead

  • Absolute HR expert in a defined area
  • Able to work strategically and process-improving at any time
  • Innovation Driver and HR Optimizer


HR expert smiles in front of meeting room

What project career means for Amely

Originally, I come from management consulting with a focus on HR & Change as well as HR consulting with a focus on Engineering & IT. Since 2019, I have been able to combine my accumulated experience with the advantages of the diversity of project careers. I am active in various forms of recruiting as an in-house sparring partner for our clients and can always develop professionally and personally. So far, I have been able to gain exciting impressions and get to know interesting people and companies in four projects. I particularly like the fact that I am always immersed in new fields of activity. I particularly like the opportunity to immerse myself in new fields of activity, processes and industries, and to work in an advisory capacity in addition to day-to-day operations. Another very important point for me is that I identify one hundred percent with the values we live by in the company and with all my great colleagues.

Friendly smiling HR Expert

What project career means for Alexandra

Since I started as a Junior HR Expert, I have already successfully completed four HR projects, and the fifth has just started. The activities in all my projects included both HR administration and recruiting, each with a different focus. All in all, I have had the opportunity to get to know a wide variety of companies, industries, HR departments and tools during my time as an HR expert. I experienced working in large and small companies as well as HR teams, with or without a works council, tool-supported or not, and was able to develop personally and professionally. What is it like to work in changing HR projects? Sure, it demands commitment, flexibility and adaptability – but you really learn a lot. I especially appreciate the exchange between the HR experts.

Portrait of an HR factory employee

What project career means for Johanna

I remember my start as a Junior HR Expert very well. I was promised that I could gain a wide range of HR experience in a very short time, develop my professional and personal skills and build up a professional network. In fact, I have already been able to work on four very different projects since then. After joining the Active Sourcing team, I subsequently took over a project in the start-up, which enabled me to position myself more generally, to work strategically and operationally and to participate in the implementation of an HR tool. I then moved to one of our “HR Expert Teams”, in which we take on activities in the area of HR administration from A-Z for several companies. In this context, I created the internal training series ADMIN WORLD to strengthen the professional exchange among the HR Experts. Recently, I accepted an additional project in a global company, in which I will accompany the introduction of a comprehensive HR tool, among other things. The variety that the role as HR Expert offers me is unique for me. I have developed both professionally and personally incredibly quickly and am grateful to be part of such a human, future-oriented company