HR Consulting: general meaning of consulting in HR

Human Resources as an area is very complex and subject to constant change , both economically and socially. It is therefore only natural that companies are not always able to name problems and challenges in HR in concrete terms or to distinguish them from one another – sometimes several sub-areas have to be brought down to a harmonious denominator. In order to find a suitable and targeted solution, experienced HR consultants are essential. But what does HR Consulting actually mean? What are the goals and how does the consultation work? In the following article we will give you an overview.

1. HR Consulting – what exactly is that?

HR Consulting is a part of management consulting and focuses on all activities, processes and procedures of a company’s HR department with the aim of uncovering problems and potential for improvement and deriving a suitable strategy from them.

There is a clear distinction to be made between HR Consulting and HR Consulting: while HR Consultants support the search for suitable specialists and executives, HR Consulting is concerned with the structural optimization of a company.

2. Strategy is key

Only when the strategy, structure and culture of a company are in harmony with each other is the path to entrepreneurial success paved. Good HR consultants therefore always take a holistic approach in order to develop a strategy tailored to the company and its individual needs.

3. Objectives and areas of responsibility in HR Consulting

The goal of HR Consulting is the holistic optimization of a company in terms of efficiency, productivity and communication.

Four different task areas can be distinguished:

Planning & strategic alignment

Development and implementation of new
HR strategies and HR projects

Processes and workflows

Preparation of protocols and materials,
e.g. to establish new softwares and technologies

Guidelines and regulations

Establishment of transparent, standardized internal processes
to increase efficiency in general

Application and implementation

Determination and implementation of best practices tasks and processes in the HR department in order to achieve the set goals sustainably and reliably. and reliably

4. When is an HR Consultant needed?

Unless companies themselves explicitly communicate the question or need for an HR consultant, experience and sensitivity are required to uncover the need for HR consulting.

For example, it happens or becomes apparent during the initial consultation that another cause is “lurking” behind the actual problem. These need to be addressed as well. Because a good HR consultant is not just a fire extinguisher, but wants to eliminate the cause of the fire. An effective, holistic and individual strategy is the primary goal at all times.

Possible problems and requests in HR that require HR Consulting are, for example, a high recruiting demand or the need to implement new technologies, for example in the area of IT.

5. This is how HR Consulting works with us

HR consulting with HR factory is well thought out and structured from start to finish – without losing the personal touch:

  • Joint stocktaking: is there a need for an HR consultant?
  • Deeper analysis of the problem: where is the root? Is the problem operational, procedural or strategic in nature?
  • Development of a joint solution strategy incl. Implementation Plan. It is important to us that this is designed realistically and only pursues goals that can actually be implemented.

6. And how do companies benefit from an HR consultant?

Companies can derive a whole range of benefits from external HR consulting:

  • Time and resources saved, which in turn can be spent on other projects
  • Compliance with data protection and legal standards is ensured
  • Minimizing the risk of errors that could otherwise impact the workforce

7. Competent advice for as long as you need it

Optimizing human resources is a process that progresses differently for each company. You still need support with the execution of the implementation plan afterwards? We will be happy to accompany you on your way.