“Will everything be the same after the crisis? We answer with a decisive: Probably not!”, Stefan Seehofer, Managing Director HR factory GmbH

We, the (HR) Experts at HR factory, have had many conversations in recent days and weeks, especially with entrepreneurs, board members, HR directors and HR specialists. One word came up particularly often: uncertainty.

The Corona crisis is asking a lot of us. We are confronted with problems and challenges that we would never have dreamed of in this form. Factorians are, it must be said, hopeless optimists with a clear view of reality. We always focus on the positive, and now is no exception. No: especially now! Corona opens up for us the breaking with old thought patterns and creates facts with all harshness.

Wird also nach der Krise alles so weitergehen wie vorher? Wir antworten mit einem entschiedenen: Vermutlich nicht!

But how can we prepare for this changing everyday life? What needs to be done differently today and what will be important in the future? Countless questions, scenarios and calculations later, we all agreed yesterday evening: We want to be part of the solution and support everyone who has to make difficult and far-reaching decisions these days. Free of charge and fast we want to help – It doesn’t matter if you have a concrete challenge or if your thoughts and ideas need a sparring partner. Whether you are a business owner, head of, recruiter or HR administrator; get in touch and we will put you in touch with our most experienced problem solvers.

Of course, we don’t know when this crisis will be over either, but one thing we can say with certainty is that now is exactly the time to make wise and courageous decisions.

We are looking forward to your questions! Just send us an email to