I have also been part of HR factory GmbH for about 16 months.

I still remember my skepticism at the beginning. I was promised that I could gain a wide range of experience in human resource management in a very short time. I could develop my professional and personal skills and build up a professional network.

My three projects at HR factory GmbH

My first thought was: too good to be true. In fact, I have already been able to go through three very different projects in the past 16 months.

Project 1: Active Sourcing

My entry project at HR factory GmbH was in the area of active sourcing. I had the opportunity to use my many years of recruiting experience in a targeted way and also to acquire new knowledge about candidate management. Our team supported companies of various industries and sizes within Germany in candidate acquisition. We acted as sparring partners between companies and potential candidates and continuously developed new sourcing strategies to strengthen the interest of candidates. Active sourcing requires time, motivation, knowledge of human nature, flexibility and innovation. As a sparring partner, we have always been able to celebrate great successes together with the companies.

My learning: When approaching candidates online, individuality counts more than ever.

Project 2: Start-up finance

After a few months, I was given the opportunity to work at a ThinkTank start-up in the area of finance. Since I had previously worked mainly in a corporate environment, this working environment was very unfamiliar to me at first. Agile teams, flat hierarchies and short decision-making processes were not something I was used to. True to the motto: everyone does everything, I had a very broad range of responsibilities. Primarily, I was responsible for the selection and implementation of a holistic HRM software, including the entire data migration as well as process mapping. In addition, I supported the existing HR team in HR administration and had the opportunity to actively contribute my experience and ideas regarding the design of HR processes. The combination of strategic and operative HR work was the core of this project.

My learning: A varied activity ensures creativity and progress.

Project 3: Administration, labor and social security law

After gaining a lot of experience in strategic and conceptual HR management, I wanted to further expand my knowledge in the areas of administration as well as labor and social security law. Therefore, I got the opportunity to become part of our internal HR Complete Team. In the HR Complete Team we act as an outsourced HR department for companies of all industries and sizes. Depending on the requirements, we take over activities in the area of HR administration, from handling onboarding to preparatory payroll accounting. In our team we always have to be up to date in terms of human resource management as well as labor and social security law.

My learning: Generalist know-how and continuous training are indispensable in the field of human resource management.


When I look back on the past 16 months, I have developed incredibly personally and professionally. The variety that my current job offers me is unique. I am grateful to be part of such a humane, forward-looking company and am already looking forward to the next project opportunities.