“I was able to take away an incredible amount in two years and develop both professionally and personally!” In my first project, I supported a start-up in the field of e-mobility with recruiting. I remained true to this in my second project, in the environment of a major international transport technology company. So right at the start of my career, I was able to work in two very contrasting corporate forms and environments. As a result, I got to know and love both the agile and dynamic way of working within the start-up, as well as the classic, structured processes of a corporation.

Parallel to my second station, I was able to dedicate part of my workload to another task: My additional project, in the industry “software development in the field of virtual and augmented reality”, which was new to me, included not only recruiting but also predominantly strategic functions such as process definition or the implementation of an HR tool with integrated applicant management. After I had built up my expertise in recruiting for a total of over a year, I also wanted to develop further in other HR fields of activity and therefore took on another project as an HR generalist in a new company. I thus got to know a completely different facet of HR work and was able to expand my expertise in a new direction. In the process, I not only got to know my strengths and preferences better, but was also able to apply them directly. In my current project I am the “process fairy”, i.e. I create guidelines, optimize & define processes.

So far, my path at HR factory has not only taken me through a wide variety of industries, but also into a wide variety of company shapes and sizes.
What have I learned along the way? Time management and prioritization – parallel projects help immensely. What do you need to bring with you? Openness, curiosity and adaptability as well as enjoyment of new situations and tasks.

Conclusion: 2 years. 3 types of companies. 4 industries. Don’t think it’s possible? It sure is!