A good story captivates us, takes us with it, in the best case it touches us. This is the knowledge people around the world use to try to lure us in as customers. Why is it that glorious corporate stories so often don’t work? Because the companies themselves usually want to be the heroes. The HR factory in Munich takes up the StoryBrand idea and involves all departments in the development – a best practice example.

It is the time between the first and second Corona wave. Many have to put up with economic jostling, some more, others less. And no one knows what will happen next. Everyone is racking their brains as to which measures will now be effective and affordable. This is also the case with HR factory GmbH in Munich, which provides companies with strategic and operational support in all HR matters.

Donald Miller’s book StoryBrand is currently doing the rounds internally. In it, marketing is provocatively described as a waste of money, because the messages are usually too complicated and the companies put themselves too strongly in the foreground. The catchy 7-step scheme from the book works much better: the customer is made into a hero. However it has a problem, with whose removal a planful mentor helps it (= the advertising enterprise). In the end, the hero celebrates a great success.

The Challenge: Who has the best idea?

Sounds good, think a few HR factory employees, but a story like that needs to be found first. Why not use swarm intelligence and call out a challenge throughout the company? The basic know-how for StoryBrand-Telling is provided in a kick-off, after which anyone who wants to participate can sign up.

Five teams from all departments accept the challenge. They don’t have much time, but all they have to do is collect ideas and present them in no more than five minutes – and that’s a lot of fun! All the teams agree on the problems faced by the target group of HR managers: too little time for creative tasks and too little recognition in the company. The solutions proposed are all the more varied. Some meet the problems with smiles and love, others with the prospect of increased popularity. One team uses Mad Men stories, another Game of Thrones and Star Wars.

How do I know? I get to be part of the jury that evaluates all presentations according to pre-determined criteria on the StoryBrand concept, story creativity and overall presentation.

And the winner is …

The first place goes to the idea with the favorite personaler, the second to the Mad-Men bond and the third to a knight story that inevitably made you think of Jon Schnee.

And now? Team Lieblingspersonaler can choose with whom of the others they would like to develop their story further. The others also continue to write their stories. Maybe it will become a whole series … And in the best case HR will be perceived as more exciting, more entertaining and more creative. So please follow suit!

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