Our recipe for success: communication – both with the candidate and with the client – but also courage and patience, because active sourcing is not a magic bullet.

We would like to show you how Active Sourcing works for us using the example of our collaboration with a Munich-based start-up. 

We have already worked successfully with this start-up. They approached us because they were unable to build up either the capacity or the knowledge internally in the short term to conduct targeted active sourcing. At the same time, however, their growth course was pushing them to hire new employees. Our target candidates: Developers.

First of all, our sourcers get to know the company’s philosophy, the challenges of finding candidates via job posts and the exact search profile in a briefing meeting. It is important for us to understand and experience the corporate culture in order to find the right candidates. At the same time, we sensitize our contact persons, because every sourcer is only as good as the subsequent recruiting process. In addition to authenticity, this is also clearly about speed. But this was nothing new for the start-up.

After we received the necessary information, our active sourcing team sounded out the market and gave an initial assessment. This meant that the start-up knew right away where they stood in terms of collaboration and we were able to start the search transparently.

Over 800 potential search profiles were identified in a rough search. We then contacted some of them with a customized approach. The sourcers quickly realized that the medium had a decisive influence on the results. They communicated with the candidates and talked a lot about soft factors such as concerns about the uncertainty of moving to a start-up. In the process, they became more and more advisors to the candidates. They were able to judge whether the candidate and the customer were a match. In the end, we had intensive discussions with 20 candidates, after which ten agreed to further interviews. In the end, half of the open positions were filled by actively approached candidates.

Another decisive factor for this result is the cooperation with the start-up.

The sourcer’s questions that arose during the process were also answered quickly during the sourcing assignment. This enabled open communication with the candidates. The candidates were able to join the internal recruiting process right away during the technical interviews and were usually invited to a personal interview within a few days. One candidate was even accepted directly after the second interview.

After two months, we were able to successfully complete the project. The start-up was able to gather many new insights through our market analysis, which takes place with every sourcing process, in addition to the new employees gained.
What is my target group looking for, what do they not like at all, what are their motivations for a change, how well known is my company on the market and what makes me attractive as an employer or am I perhaps already attractive to potential applicants.
And our active sourcers? They are happy to have made a few good matches and are already fully immersed in the next assignment.